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Nessis helps companies achieve and maintain ISO Standards. We assist with training and auditing to ensure ISO certification and ongoing compliance . Over the years, Nessis has developed tools to assist with collaborating, maintaining and improving these ISO systems. Our Flagship software is Visual Work Instructions (SOP). Nessis walks our clients through each step of the certification process from start to finish while Nessis ensuring your employees and customers are maintained as your top priority. Nessis streamlines and manages all the things that help run your business (IOT) and leans out the wasted time and inefficiencies to increase revenue and win new business.

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Course – Digital Transformation for ISO Standards 
1) Training new standards requirements for ISO 17025:2015 / ISO9001:2015
2) Establishing Leadership Priorities – 7 step
3) Risk Assessment and Mitigation Process Development
4) Setting Company objectives based on Risk Evaluation
5) Setting Company KPI’s (Departmental / Company) Metrics
6) Brainstorming to Create Lean Business processes
7) Creating Effective training plans
8) Supplier Development Process – Evaluation and retention
9) Sales Process Management – 5 Step

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Certified Microsoft Product Reseller

  • ISO Standards management software
  • Helps companies transition to new ISO or maintain compliance
  • Training on the new standards and internal auditing
  • Potential expanding of Sales opportunities
  • Pre-made templates and Flow diagrams
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  • Ticket system – Suppliers – Internal – Customers
  • Improves Company wide communication
  • Task Traceability from start to finish
  • Ticket system for internal and external task and issue management
  • Attach email correspondence directly to the ticket
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  • Step by step “How to’s”
  • SOP’s and Work instructions can include Video’s, text, images.
  • Operator traceability
  • VWI connect to MRP / ERP systems for company wide visibility of production status
  • Safety Data Sheets and MSDS at each step – keeping your workers safe
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  • Manage Suppliers and RFQ’s
  • Creates competitive bidding process
  • Terms and conditions approved online
  • Locates local suppliers to invite them to participate
  • Reduces overall purchasing costs
  • Streamlines procurement process from start to finish
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Nessis has very strong partners, who all work together to provide the solutions, and training that Nessis hopes to provide all businesses and industries. Keeping on the edge of new technology, and refined training methods, is what Nessis strives for in its products and services, and partner with local and worldwide associations and businesses that fit those ideals.

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Kathleen Niles, co-founder and president of Nessis Inc., one of the industry’s leading providers of productivity software, has announced a new software tool, RSM (Regulations Standards Management). This tool will help companies with any regulatory [...]

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Our greatest asset is not our software, or our balance sheet, nor our investors. It is our employees. Each day our talented team seizes the day and creates value for our customers and extended stakeholders.

We are looking for those keen individuals who want a career, are driven by their desire to reach farther, and want to be part of a passionate growing company.

The Nessis work environment offers a unique and exciting blend of high growth company, passion and entrepreneurial spirit, leading edge innovation and research, with a down to earth work life balance philosophy.We are proud that our average tenure is greater than 5 years.

If you are just beginning your journey, or are looking for a new exciting road to take…Nessis might just be that perfect highway!