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Nessis Inc.

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Nessis has a suite of software products, which address the most important things within your company, providing improvement solutions for quality, productivity, communication, procurement, and training. Our suite can even connect seamlessly into your ERP and MRP systems. Simply integrated softwares, create a holistic approach to any business, whether used individually, or as a package. With your employees and customers as your top priority, Nessis streamlines and manages all the things that help run your business, at an affordable cost.

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Corporate Responsibility

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Certified Microsoft Product Reseller

Request Management System
Saves Time & Resources
improves communication
Task Tracibility
internal and external use

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For any multi-step process
Reduces failure rates
Improves work flow

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For procurements under $100k
finds optimal suppliers
Reduces overall costs
Streamlines procurement process

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VR Headspace

VR Headspace is our partner in innovation, they are a development company that builds cutting edge Virtual Reality applications. Experiences include interactive training, simulations, virtual tours, and much more. VR Headspace utilizes state-of-the-art hardware like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, and Gear VR. VR Headspace believes that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will become a part of everyday life. Through stretching technology, companies can provide their clients with the ultimate immersive experience.

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The Spirit of Change

  I recently made a five-hour drive to a distant city. On the way I began to get really hungry and I stopped at a fast-food joint along the way. While I was several handfuls [...]

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Why Work at Nessis?
Our greatest asset is not our software, or our balance sheet, nor our investors. It is our employees. Each day our talented team seizes the day and creates value for our customers and extended stakeholders.

We are looking for those keen individuals who want a career, are driven by their desire to reach farther, and want to be part of a passionate growing company.

The Nessis work environment offers a unique and exciting blend of high growth company, passion and entrepreneurial spirit, leading edge innovation and research, with a down to earth work life balance philosophy.We are proud that our average tenure is greater than 5 years.

If you are just beginning your journey, or are looking for a new exciting road to take…Nessis might just be that perfect highway!