About Nessis

Nessis Incorporated was established over 20 years ago and has provided value to each client by offering software suite solutions to improve quality, increase operational efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs.

Nessis’ Cloud Based Software focuses on optimization of Process and Procedures, Virtual Training and Virtual Work Instructions, Data Tracking and Analysis as well as Continuous Process Improvement methodology.

By utilizing continuous Improvement as a key core company competency, Nessis has been developing a data driven backend (Manufacturing Execution System). Nessis utilizes existing MRP/ERP systems and client legacy systems to create updated operational flow. Ultimately, this process has been successful in assisting clients with a transition to higher tech (Paperless) environments. Nessis understands the critical need and use of relevant data in industry, for quality and process improvements.

Nessis continues to embrace technical advancements to enable each client to utilize state of the art hardware and software solutions through all levels of their respective organizations.

Since 2016, Nessis has also expanded into the VR/AR space for employee training and production operations with updated versions of the Visual / Virtual Work Instruction System. These developments have allowed the use of the latest technology to deliver cost effective tools for improved employee retention and comprehension.

Nessis is ISO, HACCP and CGP certified and continues to work with businesses to help streamline their operations with software solutions by integrating people, processes, and technology throughout North American and around the world.


To create value by providing Business System Integration and access to real time information globally.


Nessis mission is to help organizations become more competitive in todays digital environment. Nessis transforms companies using (PES/MES) automations to help streamline their entire organization and unleash their true value by eliminating all hidden costs. This helps to improve Speed (reduce lead times), Improve Quality & global access to Real time information.