A software suite that grows with you

We are an established software company that provides the tools you need to transform
complex knowledge into task level, operational understanding.

Nessis calls this “Just In Time Knowledge”.

Our cloud based software has 4 primary functions

Process & Procedure

Organize your businesses policies, procedures and governance with coordinated living documents that remind you they are alive by actively playing a role in the success of your operation.

Training & Instructions

Active tools that ensure only the most current concepts are taught for general learning, workplace safety and specific tasks in the form of dynamic work instructions.

Check & Track

A platform to help with managing tasks, keep track of progress and assist with quality control.

Analyse & Improve

A platform that draws critical information from various sources in real time, and places it into a smart dashboard to increase efficiency and productivity.

A platform built on proven methods

At the core of Nessis, we utilize the plan-do-check-act method of making continuous
improvements to people, processes and products. Implementation of this approach is proven
to have fast and long-lasting effects on efficiency across any industry.

Benefits all around

The Nessis platform offers many benefits from details to improving your entire operation. Whether you are making the transition from paper to paperless or need to get ISO certification our software can help many aspects of your business.

Nessis Benefits

Secure Cloud Access

All software and data is securely hosted on Microsoft Azure servers, which means our customers can have confidence in knowing their content is protected.

Software Platform

Nessis software modules work independently and communicate as a whole. This software system can scale from single to multi-facility operations.

Integrated Platform

Nessis software integrates easily with other software packages to fit your specific processes and needs. From start to finish we make sure that your existing systems are well utilized and compatible.

From any device

Nessis software can be accessed on any of the devices that suit your needs, from desktops to mobile devices and augmented reality headsets.

Support where you need it

Nessis offers customized support solutions, implementation support, on-site training and on-line support for all of our products. Self-guidance tools are also included with every software module.

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