Nessis RSM

High end business regulatory management software.  Standards control, quotations

Nessis RSM – Document Control Software, manages all types of documents across organizations small or large. The software provides a central (cloud-based) and secure repository that makes searching and retrieval easy for business document management.


Improve efficiency and compliance requirements by automating your manual document control with real time document management.

Anywhere, anytime access for retrieval, sign-off and change control. Ensures your organization is building its products and services, leveraging and using the most current specifications and company policies.

Other advantages are:

  • Back office Admin (full edit rights) and Viewer
  • User defined branding – Logo, colours and reports
  • Grouped by type, category and location.
  • Real-time editor collaboration on documents – with only restriction is one editor per document sector
  • Flexibility to build additional documents for your business as required (Business plans, SOP’s, quotes, Job descriptions, Policies, SOW’s, etc.)
  • Track document revision changes easily, with the ability to copy older revisions to a new modifiable revision inn REAL Time.
  • Track status of documents (active, pending, archived) down to the section level with FULL transparency.
  • Documents via Digital Signoffs with multi-level workflow to help customers achieve/maintain compliance to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Part 820
  • “Two (2) box system” option to maintain visibility to the standards or customer requirement.
  • Mandatory revision controls – (ISO and food compliance).
  • Ability to control document approval sources, and complete distribution lists on a per document basis in REAL time and Full Transparency.
  • Find all company documents by status or distribution.
  • Search Tools – document, date, revision and users.
  • Attachments
  • Link the document file path or web page, and view documents on-line.
  • Ability to perform audits at the published document level (Minor, major etc..)
  • Increased Management and Auditor visibility – decreased risk
  • Phone, tablet, Smart TV and PC. Only requires an internet connection.
  • Document Report, with digital signature
  • Document Change Logs
  • Document User list
  • Document Status
  • Standard HTML Text Manager
  • Unlimited Attachments – Video (Media), Excel, Word and PDF reporting, etc.