Covanta Durham York began a journey toward ISO14001:2015 certification in 2016 with
the goal of achieving certification in January 2018. My role as the Environmental
Specialist was to prepare the company for the ISO certification and realized we needed
some outside assistance. It was important to us to use local resources and having worked
with Nessis previously, it was an easy choice.

Without a system in place, Nessis helped us through the process from beginning, through
reaching our certification and beyond! The software system that was introduced to us to
manage the process was user friendly and created an environment for us to work
seamlessly together through a web-based application.

Nessis was on time and on budget with the ISO project. We were successful with both the
initial certification in January 2018 and the first surveillance audit in January 2019. We
are extremely happy with the overall outcome and our team’s newfound commitment to
the whole environmental management system project. Nessis became part of our team
and welcomed our input on their software improvements. Their availability, whether
through online meetings, teleconferences or site visits was outstanding. It made the
process continually flow without having to wait for a return response.

We plan to continue doing business with Nessis Inc in the future to help maintain and
improve our system. We would highly recommend them to others doing the ISO journey.