“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.”

– Carly Fiorina

Nessis MES Software Suite

Over the passed 20+ years Nessis has developed business core applications to help manage your companies beginning days or its expanding needs. Our software adapts to you vs you adapting to us. We listen to you, provide drop-in or adaptive solutions to help your business be successful by maximizing its potential.

All ready have an MRP/ERP/MES system??

Nessis specializes in business application development and has a team who come from manufacturing and understand big business logic and flow. This allows us to create real-time web interfaces for these applications.


Nessis MES is Built on Proven Methods

At its core, Nessis utilizes The Plan-Do-Check-Act Approach to make Continuous
Improvements to each Client’s People, Processes and Products. Implementation of this approach is proven to have long-lasting effects on efficiency across any industry.

“ Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. “

– Benjamin Franklin.

Nessis Core Functions

  • Secure Cloud and On-Site Installation options
  • Adaptable / (API) Application Programming Interface
  • Client Needs Oriented
  • Real-time Continuous Improvement Tools
  • Real-time Traceability & Revision Control
  • Real-time Reporting / Email Updates

Secure Cloud Access
Nessis is a Microsoft partner, utilizing the Microsoft Azure Cloud system enables our clients to have confidence knowing that their data is protected and secure.

Integrated Platform
Nessis MES software integrates easily with other software packages, to meet your specific needs, from start to finish. We ensure that your existing systems are well utilized.

Support where you need it

Nessis offers customized support solutions, implementation support, on-site training and on-line support for all of our products. Self-guidance tools are also included with every software module.

Nessis Testimonials

Covanta Durham York began a journey toward ISO14001:2015 certification in 2016 with the goal of achieving certification in January 2018. My role as the Environmental Specialist was to prepare the company for the ISO certification and realized we needed some outside assistance. It was important to us to use local resources and having worked with Nessis previously, it was an easy choice.

Without a system in place, Nessis helped us through the process from beginning, through reaching our certification and beyond! The software system that was introduced to us to manage the process was user friendly and created an environment for us to work seamlessly together through a web-based application.

Nessis was on time and on budget with the ISO project. We were successful with both the initial certification in January 2018 and the first surveillance audit in January 2019. We are extremely happy with the overall outcome and our team’s newfound commitment to the whole environmental management system project. Nessis became part of our team and welcomed our input on their software improvements. Their availability, whether through online meetings, teleconferences or site visits was outstanding. It made the process continually flow without having to wait for a return response.

We plan to continue doing business with Nessis Inc in the future to help maintain and improve our system. We would highly recommend them to others doing the ISO journey.

Amanda Huxter, Covanta
SpencerARL engaged the services of Nessis to meet our original need of fulfilling the customers requirements for an effective Visual Work Instruction Process. We soon found out that the value of Nessis is far more than just work instructions. The knowledgeable and friendly Nessis staff worked with us through some tough MRP issues. We are now able to integrate with our customer’s systems and provide “Bill of Materials” and “Product Design Drawings” and “Step by Step” work instructions right to where we need it, at the point of assembly, on the shop floor.”

During the one-year period that I had the pleasure of working with Kathleen from Nessis, she has shown herself to be both an expert within the industry, and incredibly knowledgeable in ISO 9001 certification.

During our time together, Kathleen was always accessible, and had access to a well-established network of professionals from every conceivable field. This was very useful during our time together, as she would often call upon her connections for resources to help us reach our end goal of ISO certification. She offered our company a myriad of tools and heuristic devices to help our company adopt the rigorous standards of ISO 9001:2015.

I would adamantly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for professional guidance in her area of expertise, which in our case, was ISO 9001 certification. I would readily welcome any opportunity that would allow us to work together again.

Nessis and Kathleen’s ability to understand Laborie’s needs and vision immediately solidified our decision to pursue their services. In a matter of a few short months, Nessis was able to collectively work with our production technicians, document many years of tribal knowledge, and structure a baseline upon which we can build through the use of their VWI software solution. We look forward to further growth and opportunities with our people, our products, and now our NESSIS team.

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