Nessis allTrac

Mobile task / request, workload management and support system

Easy Engagement

Our mobile-friendly tool, built in HTML5, gives the easy-to-use, modern, and responsive interface. Our smart and natural layout, makes administrating a breeze; with the use of drop down menus, we make navigation of allTrac simple, and intuitive.

Task Management

allTrac takes task managment to the next level, by doing the sorting, and assigning right the first time. Track and monitor those requests, and even schedule reminders, giving you back control of your deadlines. When you’re task is completed, allTrac stores the request for you, if you ever need to follow-up.

Reporting & Analytics

By recording and sorting all of your request and task data, allTrac gives you the tools you need to continually improve the parts of your organization that needs it the most. allTrac can sort through the data by keywords, so you can see how quickly tasks are completed, in every department.

Incidence Management

We know problems happen quick, so allTrac gives you the tools to handle them just as quick. Acknowledge and respond to any issue, by getting the request to the right people. allTracs embedded and customizable Service level agreements, makes sure those problems are managed, and resolved all according to plan, helping you help your customers quicker.

Tech Support

With allTrac, we are here to answer any question or concerns you might have while using our tool. We are here to help you, and are available any weekday, 9-5 free of charge. allTrac also offers premium support, to give you around the clock help for when you need it most. Contact us by email or phone, and we will respond within 4 hours, guaranteed.

More Questions

If you still have more questions, we are still to help, view our frequently asked questions here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

allTrac is a request management system. If you have a request or a question that you have, all you have to do is fill out the fields on the new ticket page.

For example: Lets say that X machine needs servicing. You open allTrac and raise a ticket for maintenance, and explain that X machine needs servicing in the description. The system then automatically sends the ticket to the appropriate person in the maintenance department, and allows you to continue working.

Embracing continuous improvement is the surest way to make sure that your company is staying competitive. Whether you want to get on board with a digital suggestion box – that does so much more! – like allTrac, or train your staff in programs like Six Sigma, continuous improvement has shown its worth time and again. Our products do two things; they reduce complexity and eliminate wasted time. This is valuable time that the company can spend producing more, with less.

allTrac allows you to schedule reoccurring requests so that once you put the ticket into the system, it will continue to remind the relevant deparment.

Of course! Sometimes there are tasks that you need to do that you just cant get to right away. allTrac is a great way to keep track of those requests and make sure that you are on top of everything that needs to be done.

Absolutely! VWI is a game changer in terms of how Standard Operating Procedures are updated, implemented, shared, and created. Think of VWI as the good cutting knife in your kitchen. allTrac, in comparison, is the continuous improvement tool that will keep all of your other tools up to date. If a machine needs maintenance, or if an S.O.P. needs updating, allTrac is there to direct workflow. allTrac is the grindstone for your company as a whole, including VWI.

Since allTrac stores a comprehensive database of requests, files, templates, reports, and more, we want to ensure that your files are secure and accessible. That is why we have military grade protection on all of our information.

allTrac is used to help management access ideas from internal and external sources to find ways to improve the company. In terms of CRM, allTrac is a tool that customers will find value in because it lets the customer’s voice be heard in an actionable way. However, CRM systems have different specialties that work in conjunction with allTrac.

Outlook and allTrac are both communication tools that augment your business. The key difference between the two is that allTrac is an actionable request system, while outlook serves solely as a communication platform. Because all types of traffic are funnelled through outlook, it becomes a heavy tool that is difficult to use effectively. Important requests are often overlooked, sent to the wrong person, or buried under hundreds of static emails. allTrac solves this problem because it is a space used exclusively for things that need doing now. Emails can be read and discarded without a second thought. allTrac requests must be resolved within a timely fashion, and if they are not resolved they are escalated.

allTrac and Evernote are two very different systems, but people often compare the functionality of the two because both can be used to effectively store and sort information. The key difference is the communication that allTrac brings to the table. allTrac has the power to redirect requests to the right person without requiring an individual to surf through a directory.

allTrac and Freshdesk are both powerful communication and organization tools. The main difference between the two lies in Freshdesk’s ticketing system and allTrac’s request system. allTrac is designed to provide a clean space of actionable requests, where as Freshdesk….