Privacy Policy

Containment App Privacy Policy

Purpose of Containment App:

This app is to enhance our Containment Web software and is for Individuals that have an active Containment system.

What information do we collect:

As with the online website, we collect the date and time for login. We record the Summary of Sort information, Job start, defects that you record, serial number, lot number, and quantity of the parts that are begin worked on. We also collect the Labor details for the job that you signed into.

How do we use the information:

All the information that is sync’ed with the live site are available to be viewed in the Containment area of the VWI system under the Job.

What information do we share:

We do not share any of your information.

Camera Permissions:

Camera is only used for scanning barcodes. No images are retained and the scanning is initiated by the user.